About Us

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We take a creative approach. We are compassionate.
We are parents.


Our daughter Mia has been a huge source of creativity and adventure and we love seeing the world through her eyes.  Everywhere we go, whether a long car ride into the forest, or a short walk by the river or lake, we see art unfolding before our eyes – be it in the small details of tree bark or the look on our daughters face as she runs through a field of tall grass.  We are parents first and foremost and it is our love of capturing her in her natural environment that we have come to truly love photography. To be able to encapsulate a precious moment in time, and revisit that special place each time we look at that photo.



We provide the makeup, photographer, props, and accessories to complete the look. We have a large selection of props and accessories and are always building and purchasing new stock. We offer a selection of great themes to choose from though are open to your ideas as well. Let us know what you have in mind!  Just please book 3-4 weeks in advance for custom themes so we have time to get or build everything we need for your special shoot. Some of our shoots take place in nature or on location while others take place in the studio. It really depends on weather, season and the theme you choose.
[one_half_last]The most satisfying photographs are those taken in natural settings whether it be a home or a park or an apple orchard, while families frolic, play and climb all over each other.  For us, it is then that honest and authentic moments come out and a photographer can truly capture those natural emotions. 


“Our 100% Risk-Free approach means YOU WON’T PAY A DIME UNTIL YOU’VE SEEN YOUR PHOTOS…and LOVE them! Risk-Free=Stress-Free.”

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